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If you haven't figured it out by now, our service is pretty awesome. Being able to respond to people talking about your brand/company/subject that you would otherwise never know existed, within minutes of their extremely beneficial. Check out what we have to offer!
Bronze Plan
  • 6 tracking campaigns
  • 2,500 archived results
  • 500 API pings/month
  • 100 SMS alerts/month
  • unlimited email alerts

  • $19/month

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    Silver Plan
  • 12 tracking campaigns
  • 5,000 archived results
  • 1,750 API pings/month
  • 250 SMS alerts/month
  • unlimited email alerts

  • $29/month

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    Gold Plan
  • 30 tracking campaigns
  • 15,000 archived results
  • 5,000 API pings/month
  • 500 SMS alerts/month
  • unlimited email alerts
  • Past hour stats

  • $39/month

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