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Frequently Asked Questions

Setup Alerts

Visit the alert settings page to define what email address or cellphone number you want alerts sent to.

Once saved, you can manually enable alerts for any current or future tracker.

Start Tracking

Go to the tracking page to start monitoring mentions of a specific keyword or phrase!

All future posts on Reddit will be scanned for your tracker.

Receive Alerts

You'll receive an alert when your tracker picks up new results (if alerts are enabled for that tracker).

You can also view real-time results while browsing the dashboard.

Manage In Dashboard

Sift through all new & past results on the tracking page (click the browse results button under the tracker).

View account-wide stats on the dashboard homepage.

When I create a new tracker, how exactly does it find results?

Trackers scan all new comments and/or submissions across every single public Reddit subreddit (unless you specify otherwise). If that comment or post contains your tracker keyword or phrase, and any advanced parameters you set, it is saved as a result here on TrackReddit.

Note: Trackers only find comments/posts made after the tracker was created. We do not save all Reddit data (that would be insane), only the content directly related to your tracker(s) starting from the moment you create it.

What are "Archived Results"?

Archived Results are the results your trackers receive. It is the comment or submission a Redditor made, somewhere deep into Reddit, and saved for your reviewing and possible response/action.

When you are on the tracking page, and you click "Browse Results" for a specific tracker, you are viewing the Archived Results.

If I use up all my Archived Results, will my trackers stop working?

Your tracker(s) will be paused if you surpass your account limit for Archived Results. Your results & statistics will still be available in the dashboard, however if you wish to keep tracking you'll either need to clear the past results or delete it and start off fresh.

If your trackers get paused and you would like to resume tracking without loss of data & much higher limits, please consider upgrading

Why do I need my email on the alerts page AND the account settings page?

You can enter your email or cellphone number (both optional) on the alerts page. You will never receive anything besides alert emails (or text messages) when new results are received only for the tracker(s) you enable the alerts on.

On your account settings page, if you provide your email (this is also the one you may have registered with), this will allow you to retrieve your login details in the event you forget them. If your email is not set here, there is no way to retrieve your account login details if forgotten.

So how do the alerts work?

Once you save your email and/or verify your cellphone # on the alerts page, you can create new trackers and enable alerts to be sent to you the moment they're detected. You are alerted the second a reddit user mentions your tracker; but in case your tracker is used frequently, the rate limits below are in place.

Email: You will not receive more than 1 email every 10 min
SMS: You will not receive more than 1 text message every 15 min

Are you a Developer? Setup API Pings using our incredibly simple API

What is subreddit targeting when creating a tracker?

You can now target a new tracker to a specific subreddit. This will work the exact same way as reddit-wide trackers, but only checks your specific subreddit.

So for example, you can create a new tracker that looks for "north korea" and only search in submissions and target the subreddit to /r/WorldNews. Your tracker will then only take action when a new submission with "north korea" is posted in /r/WorldNews

How do spaces before/after my tracker effect my results?

A space before or after your tracker word/phrase can sometimes be beneficial to you. We automatically add a space to the beginning and end of scanned data, so you don't have to worry about your tracker not triggering if it's the first or last word.

However, If you're wanting to find exact/specific words or phrases, Simply disable the "Track Partials" option when creating the tracker. (New!)

How do I sign up? Is it free?

You can signup instantly (no email required) and for free (no payment info needed) by clicking here.

You'll be instantly signed into your new account right after registration. Our service is entirely free with no strings attached, however we do offer upgrade plans which allow you to do things like run more active trackers, store more archived results, etc. Upgrading is completely optional.

How do payments work if I decide to upgrade?

You can check out our plans & upgrade here.

If you choose to upgrade your account to a paid plan, it's done securely and instantly through PayPal (if you do not have a PayPal account you can still enter your payment details through PayPal's checkout gateway; without having to signup for them).

You pay month to month for the plan you choose (Bronze: $19, Silver: $29, Gold: $39), no other hidden fees. Cancel the subscription any time with the click of a button through your PayPal dashboard.

What are API Pings? How do they work?

API Pings are for any developers who wish to receive real time results we get for their tracker(s) via POST directly to their script to process as they wish.

Once you setup your receiver file (sample code on API page) and update your Ping URL, You will have the option to turn on API Pings for any tracker you are running, or create in the future.

Live Example: If you check out the demo account trackers (must be logged out), you will see a "hi trackreddit!" tracker, with API Pings turned on. That tracker is configured to ping a simple reddit bot script; so if you make a comment containing "Hi TrackReddit!" anywhere on, we'll reply in seconds. All through the demo.