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TrackReddit API

  With our API, you can get real time results from your tracker(s) POSTed to your script or website to process in your own ways. If your tracker has the API Ping enabled, within seconds of finding new real time results, we will ping your designated URL with..

POST Parameters:

  • User: The redditors username that posted this comment or submission
  • Type: What type of content it is (value will be either Comment or Submission)
  • Content: The entire comment text or submission name
  • Link: Link to that comment/submission post on Reddit
  • Tracker: The word/phrase you configured to find this result
  • Time: The UNIX timestamp for when this result was found
  • Subreddit: The subreddit this result was posted in. ex: /r/funny
  • UserKey: should always be equal to DisabledForDemo
  • Settings

    Example Script

      Here is a simple example script which shows you how (in PHP) to receive our API pings and tracker result data!

    $user = $_POST['User'];
    $type = $_POST['Type'];
    $content = $_POST['Content'];
    $link = $_POST['Link'];
    $tracker = $_POST['Tracker'];
    $time = $_POST['Time'];
    $subreddit = $_POST['Subreddit'];
    $userkey = $_POST['UserKey'];
    if ( $userkey != 'DisabledForDemo' ) {
    die('Invalid request');
    } else {
    $msg = "$user mentioned: $tracker in $subreddit ($link)";
    mail('', 'New result', $msg);

    API Limits

    API pings left: 5000

    resets 08/01/20 (upgrade plan)