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Affiliate Program

TrackReddit is an extremely powerful tool for businesses, startups, brand managers/PR, entrepreneurs, marketers and the typical "data geek".
Our users are loving it so far, and we're only getting more powerful.

However, we could still use help with our marketing efforts. This is where you come in, with our Affiliate Program. If you think you can reach someone who might be interested in what TrackReddit has to offer, you can start making some money now.

Affiliates get a unique URL to promote. If someone signs up within 7 days of clicking your link, that user will be your referral for life.

Affiliates make money when a user decides to upgrade plans. You make a direct commission on every single payment they ever make to us - The initial upgrade, and each recurring monthly fee for as long as they hold the plan.

The commissions are as followed:

  • Basic plans (Bronze/Silver/Gold): 20% Commission

  • Business Plans: 10% Commission

  • Again, you get that commission on every payment they make for as long as they are a user. Ideally you could work hard now and get a residual monthly income from limited work in the future thanks to your recurring commissions.

    So that's it! You help promote our awesome service, we get to focus on development and support, and we both get to benefit from eachother.

    Payments are made on the 1st and 15th of every month via PayPal. No minimum earning threshold.